ChemOffice Menu Extensions Interface

The first time its main frame window is shown, a ChemOffice application looks in the Registry under

\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CambridgeSoft\CS [ChemOffice Application Name]\[major version]\Extensions)

for keys with the names of external server objects to create; order of object creation is alphabetical by object name.  These objects, in turn, add menu items to that ChemOffice Application , associating them with the appropriate item objects that will execute and update the items..

While any server that can utilize ChemOffice OLE Automation interface can add menu items, only appropriately registered servers will be automatically started by ChemOffice applications and have their global server object methods called.

Note that since the product name used in the Registry key above does not include a level, properly registered extensions will be loaded for all levels of the ChemOffice Application.


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