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Upgrade Deployment Service

Upgrade Deployment Service is designed to help you update and deploy the newest release of PerkinElmer Informatics Informatics Applications quickly, efficiently and painlessly. All services are delivered by a professional service team that possesses the technological expertise required to produce quality, high value solutions.

Included Services

Update certain installed CambridgeSoft products
ChemOffice WebServer, Oracle Cartridge, Registration System, Inventory Manager, ChemACX, BioAssay HTS, BioSAR Browser
Migrate existing systems data to new data structure
Move all structure data to new CS Oracle Cartridge! Migrate your ChemACX database to Oracle.
Verify data migration
New feature training
For up to five end users.
Systems Administrator training
Introduce administrators to tools to help customize applications to fit with your organization's workflow, and implement the demands of end users.
Systems checkup
2 weeks after installation.
Conduct deployment planning & scheduling.
Systems configuration
Verify systems configuration, including: Hardware, Software, Operating Systems, Database & Network Configuration.


ChemOffice Enterprise must be purchased separately.