Ensemble for Formulations

Ensemble for Formulations provides formulation scientists with an integrated suite of applications that is focused on the specific needs and challenges of formulation workflows.

Meeting Formulations Scientists' Informatics Needs

Without an integrated informatics solution, formulation scientists can face a number of significant challenges:

  • Setting up and recording experiments to create and test formulations can be complex and time consuming.
  • In order to work most efficiently, formulators need to have ready access to information on the ingredients and excipients they plan to use, in a system that understands their workflows and particular units and calculations
  • Formulations may be created in a multiple step process using components which themselves may be multi-component formulations - recording and tracking this data can be complex and cumbersome with simple spreadsheet tools.
  • Formulation scientists vary the compositions of formulations to enhance properties and need tools to set up and manage multiple formulations in a single experiment.

Ensemble for Formulations meets these challenges by providing formulation scientists with the tools they need to efficiently set up, record, analyze, share and securely archive their formulation experiments. The result is enhanced productivity, increased accuracy and creation of a secure and searchable archive that can be used to streamline further experiments.

Informatics Solutions for Formulations Scientists

The applications that comprise Ensemble for Formulations are specifically geared to formulation workflows. Detailed workflow support, specialized calculations and units, analysis, reporting, and general Electronic Laboratory Notebook capabilities deliver dramatic productivity and compliance benefits.

Enabling Better Formulations Science

These applications enable formulation scientists in pharmaceutics, chemicals, flavor and fragrances, food and beverage and other industries to:

  • Set up formulation experiments, including accessing information on ingredients and excipients and dealing with specific workflows, calculations and units.
  • Record the results of formulation experiments, including multiple formulations in a single experiment and securely archive them.
  • Analyze, visualize, report and share the results of experiments with integrated data pivot and graphing tools.

Ensemble for Formulations enables formulation scientists to more efficiently record experiments, organize information, and quickly analyze results within the E-Notebook framework, ensuring that requirements for intellectual property protection and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are satisfied.

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • E-Notebook for Formulations

      E-Notebook delivers the workflow support, specialized calculations and units, analysis, reporting and ELN capabilities that formulation scientists need to effectively document their experiments and exploit previously gained knowledge.

    • Registration

      Registration is a flexible, web-based application that helps pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance and chemical companies properly and more efficiently identify and track compounds, mixtures and batches used in research and development.