E-Notebook for Chemistry

E-Notebook for Chemistry meets the needs of research chemists in all industries, enhancing personal productivity and improving data quality while at the same time protecting intellectual property and creating a shareable archive to foster collaboration and innovation.

  • ChemBioDraw, an embedded component in E-Notebook for Chemistry, enables chemists to create reaction schemes with starting materials, catalysts, reagents and products.
  • E-Notebook for Chemistry automatically generates IUPAC names and stoichiometry tables.
  • Integration with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF and other image files allows chemists to efficiently incorporate materials from a variety of sources.
  • A chemically-oriented Autotext feature enables chemists to work more efficiently by speeding up input of common experimental details.
  • E-Notebook for Chemistry handles singleton chemistry and parallel syntheses and can enumerate the products from generic reactions and lists of reagents in a chemically intelligent way.
  • Integration with other Ensemble for Chemistry applications facilitates chemical research by providing a central hub for activities that is integrated with chemists’ workflow.

Reaction screen in E-Notebook.

Reaction screen in E-Notebook.
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Integrated for Enhanced Productivity

E-Notebook for Chemistry is integrated with ChemBioDraw for creating chemical structures and reactions and illustrating biological pathways and experiments. It can be integrated with Registration and Inventory for compound identification and sample tracking and with LimsLink for capturing data directly from instruments and other systems. Data captured via E-Notebook for Chemistry can be searched and analyzed using ChemBioViz with optional links to Spotfire for powerful visualization and analysis.

An ELN Solution Designed and Built For Chemists

Developed in collaboration with chemists from many of the world’s top research and development organizations, E-Notebook for Chemistry embodies industry best practices for data capture, archiving and intellectual property protection in chemistry. It offers an integrated R&D environment for organizing, recording and sharing synthetic methodology and data and provides direct access to other relevant sources of information. A configurable user interface delivers the specific workflow tools needed by chemists, all sharing a common underlying data repository.

E-Notebook for Chemistry provides an electronic laboratory environment that increases chemists’ productivity, improves the quality of data captured and fosters collaboration and innovation by creating a secure and searchable repository of corporate and institutional chemical intellectual capital.

Registration and Inventory all in one place

Scientists developing products can record their activities in E-Notebook and register those products and physical samples in PerkinElmer’s Registration and Inventory applications. Chemists can get all their work done in a single application. In addition to time savings and increased accuracy, the integration enhances traceability and protects the audit trail with single sign-in to all three applications.