E-Notebook for Biology

E-Notebook accelerates the biology discovery process by replacing labor intensive and error prone paper notebooks with an intuitive, flexible and collaborative Electronic Laboratory Notebook. Researchers are able to spend more time on science by minimizing the time they spend collecting, collating, analyzing and managing data.

  • A clear intuitive interface enables rapid acceptance and adoption while delivering the efficiency and productivity that biologists need in order to achieve their research goals.
  • Modules and tools for assay data management, plate management and instrument integration reduce the time and effort required to meet the high volume, complex and varied data management needs of biological research.
  • A highly flexible and searchable data module enables scientists to search across experiments, enhancing collaboration and decision-making while providing enterprise-level secure storage and protection of intellectual property.

Enhanced user interface provides intuitive functionality

Figure 1: Enhanced user interface provides intuitive functionality
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Sample management and routing capabilities in E-Notebook provide support for diverse and complex biological workflows such as cell line development, screening, upstream and downstream processing, in vivo studies and other discovery and development steps. Researchers are able to transition endpoints of these workflows between departments, thus facilitating cross functional collaboration across operational silos.

E-Notebook includes sophisticated calculation and plotting tools for interpretation and analysis of data that can reduce the risk of project delays that can occur when analysis of large volumes of data becomes a limiting step in the research process.

Track individual materials and plated materials response on BioAssay

Figure 2: Track individual materials and plated materials response on BioAssay
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Access to additional state-of-the-art data visualization and analysis tools is provided through integration between E-Notebook and Spotfire®. Data is easily managed in a common interface that enables researchers to use Spotfire’s full functionality for identifying relationships, isolating outliers and spotting trends and patterns. Integration with Spotfire helps to reduce overall cycle time, streamlines scientific workflows and drives better decision making.

An optional BioAnalytical module directly meets the needs and challenges of bioanalytical scientists, employing the organization and terminology which is intuitively consistent with bioanalytical workflows. The BioAnalytical module streamlines bioanalytical methods development and methods validation, reduces errors, speeds reviewing time and ensures GLP compliance.Click here to learn more

E-Notebook delivers the power and flexibility that biologists need to achieve their research goals while meeting scientific, operational and regulatory compliance requirements.