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E-Notebook Desktop

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Electronically organizes information that is typically stored in paper notebooks by incorporating MS Excel & Word, ChemDraw reactions, stoichiometry grids and spectral data. ...


Most recent release: E-Notebook Ultra 12.0. Release Date: July, 2009 View all releases and details

Electronic signatures in E-Notebook

E-Notebook's electronic signatures allows you to have a "paperless lab." With E-signatures, a PDF rendition is created and stored in a long-term storage database. You select colleagues as witnesses, and you and your colleagues "sign" the document with your password.

E-Notebook records your lab work in electronic format rather ...

System Requirements

E-Notebook Ultra 12.0

Following are the system requirements for the latest version of E-Notebook

Windows 2000 SP4, XP Professional SP3 (32 bit only), Vista 32-bit only (Vista Home/Home Premium are not supported), or Windows 7 32 bit (Professional and Ultimate), Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 64 bit (NOT supported for ChemFinder for Office, BioAssay; see Compatibility page for more details)
ChemDraw plugin/ActiveX control supports Netscape® 7.x, Firefox 8.x and Microsoft IE 6.x. and 7.0 (32 bit) 8.0 (32 bit) only. The Chem3D ActiveX control supports IE 6.x and 7.0 (32 bit) 8.0 (32 bit) only
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office XP, 2003 and 2007
Resolution: 800 x 600 or higher
RAM 512 MB (minimum) 1GB (preferred)
RAM 2 GB (minimum) - for Client Server configuration if the database files and the SQL Server 2005 (Express edition) are present on the Server
Server Software
Windows XP Professional SP2 (32 bit only) or Vista 32-bit only (Vista Home/Home Premium are not supported) or Windows 2003 R2 SP2 or Windows 2008
SQL Server 2005 Express edition with SP2

NOTE: We do not support case sensitive SQL. The SQL Server needs to be in the same domain as the clients. The SQL Server port should be added to the firewall for the clients to be able to see it.

Adobe Acrobat

  • 8.1 Standard or Professional (Reader supported in 12.0.2)
  • 9.1 Standard or Professional (Reader supported in 12.0.2)
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