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System Requirements

GeneSifter - Analysis Edition (GSAE)

GSAE will run on almost any computer/OS (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android)
capable of running a modern web browser!

Category Requirement
Browser Support - Tier 1
  • Mozilla FireFox 38.1.0esr or FireFox 39.0
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Google Chrome 22.0+
NOTE: FireFox is our recommended browser when possible. It is also required for some beta features such as the interactive volcano and scatter plots.
Browser Support - Tier 2
  • Internet Explorer 8

Browser Configuration
  • JAVA - Java 1.5 or greater is recommended, and is a requirement for Next Gen data file upload. To test if you have java installed and enabled in your web browser go here
  • POP-UPS - Make sure to allow pop-ups (which are minimal) for the domain.
  • FLASH - Some pages may require flash. You can test to see if flash is enabled in your browser here
  • PORTS - For the fastest and most robust Next Gen data file upload experience make sure you are able to communicate with "" on ports 8000-8099 using the UDP protocol whenever possible. Your institution's IT department should be able to verify this for you if you are unsure.

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