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ChemBioOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of personal productivity tools that enables scientists and researchers to capture, store, retrieve and share ...


Most recent release: ChemOffice Professional 18.0. Release Date: November, 2018 View all releases and details

ChemDraw Name to Structure Demonstation

Pierre Morieux demonstrates taking the name of a molecule from a patent and using ChemDraw to generate a structure from the name.

Merging Excel spreadsheets into chemical databases

When creating a new chemical catalog using ChemBioFinder, users usually have some data in chemical format (SDFile) and some data in Excel spreadsheets. This video demonstrates how to merge two such files, using Alfa Aesar’s chemical catalog. Alfa Aesar originally kept their chemical structures in an SDFile, indexed by an “Item Number” code. ...

Changing Element Colors in ChemBioFinder

ChemBioFinder draws nitrogen in red and oxygen in blue, and you can control those colors. ChemBioDraw by default draws all elements in black, whereas ChemBioFinder draws elements in color. This video demonstrates how to edit the element colors. For example, in amino acids, ChemBioFinder draws nitrogen in red and oxygen in blue; but you ...

ChemBio3D Surface Visualization

Did you know how ChemBio3D allows visualizing molecular surfaces?

  • Connolly molecular surfaces & solvent-accessible surfaces
  • Show underlying atoms, behind mesh, dots, or ...

System Requirements

ChemOffice Professional 18.0

Please see this document for system requirements of this product.

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