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How to remove time stamps from date properties in E-Notebook 12.1.10?



You can add the 'date only' type to your configuration with the below steps. Please try on your Test system, and confirm how it behaves for your workflows, before applying on Production.

1.     Login as E-Notebook Administrator.
2.     Go to Tools -> System Configuration -> Add-in implementations, and click on "New" button.
3.     Fill it with the following entries:

3.1.   Name: PropertyType.DateOnly
3.2.   NET Server assembly: ENStandard
3.3.   NET Server Class: CambridgeSoft.ENStandard.Grid.DateOnlyPropertyType
3.4.   NET Client Assembly: ENStandard
3.5.   NET Client Class: CambridgeSoft.ENStandard.Grid.DateOnlyPropertyType

4.     Click on "Save".
5.     Go to Tools -> System Configuration -> Global Add-ins.
6.     Go to Global Add-ins -> Commands -> Property Types -> Command Listeners.
7.     Click on "New Command Listener".
8.     Give the name for the new collection listener, and select the implementation as “PropertyType.DateOnly”.
9.     Close the window.
10.     Refresh E-Notebook (View -> Refresh, or F5).

After that, you should be able to specify the 'date only' type instead of 'date' wherever you need. For example, for "Calibration Date" in "Equipment" table:

11.     Go to Everyone -> Configuration -> BioAnalytical -> Section Types -> Equipment and Materials -> [right-click] -> Section Type Configuration -> Fields -> Equipment -> Properties -> Calibration Date.
12.     On the right side, change "Units" from 'date' to 'date only'.
13.     Close the window.
14.     Refresh E-Notebook (View -> Refresh, or F5).

Created on: 10/9/2017
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