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How to create a Search Form



A search form is simply a section type that contains search fields. The search fields make it possible for users to search for the following information within E-Notebook. When you configure a search form, the information that a user can search for is determined by the search fields in the form. To create a new search form: In the Navigation Tree, select the folder or collection to which you are adding the search form. In the E-Notebook Data ribbon, click Section Type. A new section type appears in the left pane and the blank form appears in the right pane. You are prompted to enter a name for the section type. Type in a name for the section type. Select the new section type in the Collection Tree and then click the Section Type. On the Data ribbon, click Section Type within Configuration. The Section Type Configuration dialog box appears. You can use this dialog box to add and configure the components that make up the Form such as Fields, Form Tools, and Section Listeners. When you add Fields to the Section Type, you must add search fields.

Created on: 7/26/2017
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