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Saving an analysis file with “Stored data” does not set the data table to embedded.



Saving an analysis file with “Stored data” does not set the data table to embedded. Starting with Spotfire 7.6 a new option to save data within the analysis was introduced. In the Spotfire "Data Table Properties" dialog, you have the ability to select between “Embedded in analysis” and “Linked to source”. When saving an analysis file or looking at the data in the source view, you have a few more options.


All of these options are as designed.

Within the "Data Table Properties" dialog:

"Embedded in analysis" - Use this option to embed the data from the selected data table in the analysis. By embedding all data in the analysis file it will be self-contained with data, but nothing is saved below the top level of the data table. This allows you to share the analysis with others who do not have access to the same databases you do, or who need to use their laptops offline.

Note: If you embed the final data table, you lose the ability to configure different data loading for different parts of the data table. But linked data can contain one or more stored parts.


"Linked to source" - Use this option to link the data from the selected data table to the original data sources.

This is useful when data is updated or changed from time to time. For example, if you create an analysis file that gets its data from a database that is updated each night, the linked option allows you to open the analysis file and have it automatically show the latest numbers. It will still use the visualizations and settings you have already set up, but base them on the updated data. Also, data may take up a lot of space, so you might not want to embed a copy of a large data table if you can access it from another data source.

With linked data, you have the option to use different data loading settings for different parts of the data table. See the Spotfire Desktop Client help file whose title is "Embedded or Linked Data?" for more information.

Note: Make sure that all users who are going to use the analysis also have the permissions needed to access the linked data, or use the data loading setting "New data when possible" to make the stored data available for users who do not have access to the source.


In the data source view:


“Always new data” – Store no data for this source. Load data from source when opening analysis. All users must have access to source.


“New data when possible” – Store data in analysis but reload if possible. Reload data if user has access to source. If user lacks access, use last stored data.


“Stored data” – Store data in analysis. Manual reload is possible if source is available. Users do not need access to source.


Created on: 7/13/2017
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