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Future of Elements?



Our Development Team released Signals Notebook for ChemDraw Official PerkinElmer Release Note

Elements will seamlessly switch to this new product in the May 2017 timeframe, preserving all of your notebooks, experiments, and data in our new cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution (ELN)

In Signals Notebook, you will find the features you use and love as well as new functionality, including:
• Slick new look and feel
• Experiment Table of contents
• Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Online
• Powerful Image Annotation
• Superior asynchronous file uploading
• Superior Searching

The current Elements system (version 3.5.1) will only be available for renewals.

You can check if you are a potential user of your Institution’s Signals Notebook Site license here

Signals Notebook for ChemDraw

Created on: 5/3/2017
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