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ChemDraw interprets the element Praseodymium (Pr) as Propyl fragment. How to fix this problem.


Actually Pr is used for Propyl in our Nickname database; If you want to use PrPraseodymium", then you can either delete the Nickname Pr from the Nick Name list by the following way.

Select Nick Name from the File menu and then scroll down till you get the Symbol 'Pr' and click the "Delete" button..


You can use "Show Periodic Table Window" from the View menu and select the Praseodymium element by clicking the over the symbol Pr instead of typing the symbol through keyboard.

I am not sure how you tried to create the Praseodymium coordination compounds.

In your structure the Pr symbol is connected with three single bonds and hence you got that error. If you are planning to create coordination compound of Praseodymium then you need to use the dative bond and also need to use the correct charge on the central metal ion.

Created on: 10/13/2017