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When the ChemDraw drawing box pops up, all that is displayed is a
red “x” error


There appears to be an issue with the ChemDraw plug-in needed to run this window
• Did you download the ChemDraw plug-in when prompted?.

If “no”, follow the directions to download ChemDraw.

If “yes”, proceed to the next step

• Did you install ChemDraw after downloading it? Part of this process would have you agreeing to the licensing agreement.

If “no”, locate the downloaded ChemDraw file on your computer. Click to open. Follow the install instructions.

If “yes”, proceed to the next step

• Are you seeing a message at the top of this window alerting you that the website wants to run the ChemDraw Add On?
If “yes”, click on this message and select “Run Add-on” from the pop up menu

If “no”, proceed to the next step

• If you are still having issues, there appears to be a problem with your computer accepting the plug-in.

In 90% of the cases, if you remove the installed version, and re-install it again it should fix the issue.

If you need assistance with Add/Removing Programs from your computer, contact our Support team at

Created on: 7/20/2017