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I didn’t find “Search SciFinder” button in my ChemDraw application. How can I enable this feature?


Search SciFinder function available only with our ChemDraw Professional application (ChemDraw Professional for Mac or ChemDraw Professional for Windows – included with ChemDraw Professional suite for Windows as well as ChemOffice Professional suite for Windows). It is not available with ChemDraw Prime for Mac/Windows application.

Please note SciFinder subscription is separate; in order to use SciFinder Search you need their subscription too. Assuming you have a valid user name and password to search SciFinder database.

If users do not have a license to SciFinder when clicking on the button, they will be re-directed to a SciFinder page that will instruct them how to sign up to obtain a paid-for license.

The Search SciFinder button enable only after selecting a structure

Created on: 6/15/2017