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I am getting the following error when I attempt to log into my E-Notebook 12.0. I am using E-Notebook on Windows. Is their any workaround for this issue?

“Sorry, Could not find a part of the path “C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\Local Settings\Temp\ENOffline\......\.CollectionData.enxml”


Please try the following to overcome this issue:

1. Make sure that E-Notebook is closed
2. Browse to the following folder:

For Window XP “C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXX\Local Settings\Temp\ENOffline" folder (Where XXXXX is your login name)
For Windows Vista and Windows 7 "C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\ENOffline” folder (Where XXXXX is your login name)

3. Delete the contents of the “ENOffline” folder.
4. Log back into E-Notebook and wait until E-Notebook finishes rebuilding all settings and collection.
5. Now you are able access E-Notebook 12.0

Created on: 12/16/2009