Nomenclature classes handled by Name>Struct

"What types of nomenclature can be recognized by Name>Struct?"

Name>Struct is a comprehensive algorithm for converting chemical names into structural diagrams. The shortest answer to that question is "Just about everything!" However, we recognize that a longer answer might be slightly more useful. Accordingly, here is a more extensive discussion of the types of nomenclature supported.

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Please note: This isn't a comprehensive list, even considering how long this list already is. Rather, this is intended to provide some examples of the types of nomenclature that can be recognized. If something is discussed below, it will be recognized by Name>Struct, but even if something isn't discussed below, it probably will still be recognized.

Additionally, with this list as with all things, there are exceptions. We say below that we recognize alcohols -- and that's true -- but there surely is at least one alcohol-type chemical name that we will fail on. Once again, these are general classes, and not intended to be comprehensive.

See also some of the latest enhancements in Name>Struct 12.0.1