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The following is a list of manuals (in PDF format) available for download. The manuals contain information for our Desktop Software.

If you are looking for information regarding our Enterprise or Database products, see Enterprise Manuals




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Instructions for Compiled Help Files (.chm)

Shortcuts exist on the server to these help files. To update the files these shortcuts point to, place the file in the help folder for the selected application.

  • If the file is a User's Guide, the file should be placed in: <webroot>/chemoffice/<appname>/help
  • If the file is an Admin Guide, the file should be placed in: <webroot>/chemoffice/<appname>/help/Admin

    where <webroot> is the web root directory on the server <appname> is usually an application name, see below for the correct location.
    • ChemOffice WebServer Core: webserver_source/cfserverasp
    • ChemReg: chem_reg
    • ChemInventory: cheminv
    • ChemACX: chemacx
    • Doc Manager: doc_manager
    • The Merck Index: themerckindex
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