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The CS ChemDraw Plugin is a version of the world-renowned CS ChemDraw program, enhanced to function within the window of a WWW browser. It is compatible with Netscape 4.0 or higher and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

With the ChemDraw Plugin, a user can sketch a chemical structure and then submit it to a WWW server, for example to pose a query over a chemical database. It can also be used in a view-only mode to display structure files in *.chm and *.cdx file formats. Because the ChemDraw Plugin is ChemDraw, users can copy-and-paste structures between the Plugin and the ChemDraw application, as well as into other applications that are cut-and-paste compatible with ChemDraw

The CS ChemDraw Plugin is available in 2 varieties. The Pro Version contains all the functionality of the Pro version of the ChemDraw application (except for chemical property prediction), and the Net version acts as a chemical stucture viewer.

Below is an example of what a page with the ChemDraw Plugin might look like when you come across an embedded structure. Of course, the real thing is much more fun. If you've installed the plugin, click the Examples button on the left to see the real thing!

ChemDraw Plugin