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Site Subscriptions » Commercial

A Commercial Site Subscription is a way for companies to provide PerkinElmer Informatics software to everyone at the licensing organization for a fraction of the price of purchasing individual copies. Moreover, everyone working at the licensed site is eligible to use the software under the terms of the license, no matter what department they are in.

Commercial Site Subscription Includes

  • Unlimited copies of most recent version of the software licensed.
  • A PerkinElmer Informatics web page from which the software can be freely downloaded.
  • The ability to install software for unlimited use by the licensed site.
  • Functioning of the software for a period of one year after the license is purchased.
  • All corrective software updates, as well as new version upgrades, released during the term of the license.
  • Electronic documentation via pdf files.
  • Technical support via email and electronic documentation via pdf files.

Software Availability

Commercial Site Subscriptions are available for ChemOffice Professional, ChemDraw Professional and ChemDraw Prime. These are not restricted versions of the software, but are the full, most recent versions of the products. Anyone with a valid email address at your licensed site can use the software. You probably have already assigned email addresses to everyone based on your own criteria for who should get an address at your company. Anyone with such an address would qualify for this site subscription. For Global Annual Site Subscriptions here is no geographic limitation to the site subscription. Individual users will most commonly be in the same town, but they can be in entirely different countries without violating the terms of the license, as long as they have a Global Annual Site Subscription and valid email address at your company. With a Global Site Subscription anyone working at your company would be entitled to install and use the software during the period of the license. Counting every employee in every department, we expect that most companies will have hundreds or even thousands of people interested in using this software.