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How do I download a Site Subscription?
To see if your institution has a Site Subscription, please visit our 'Cloud Computing Galaxy' at:

If so, simply enter your e-mail address and sign in using your CSWebUser account to get access to the programs that your institution has purchased!
I have not received the email with the serial number. Where can I locate my serial number?
Your serial number should be delivered by e-mail. If you do not receive it, you should check your spam filter, in case the message is filtered out of your inbox.

If you still haven't received the e-mail with the serial number, you can log in to your CSWebUser account at:

After logging in, if you are eligible for a Site Subscription, two links will appear on the right-hand side of the screen: "My Site Subscription" will give you access to the download files, and "My Downloads" will show you all serial numbers that have been assigned to you, including those for a Site Subscription (as well as any trials or other software you may have purchased).
How is the software distributed? Is there any administration?
Site Subscriptions are assigned on the basis of an Internet domain name, such as Anyone who has a valid email address from your school may go to a form on CambridgeSoft's website to obtain a serial number and registration code that will allow them to download and install the software on their computer. Anyone with a valid email address at your school would be covered by your site subscription and would be able to install the software. Since there is no limit to the number of people who can install the software under the site subscription, there is nothing more to administer.
Can I use my Site Subscription software at home?
If you are eligible for a Site Subscription, you can use the software on any of your computers, at the office, in a laboratory, or at home.
We have a site subscription the latest version, but I would like to continue with a previous version. Is it possible?
If your institution has requested older versions, they will be available on your download page. Otherwise, the previous version of the software will continue to function until the end date of the previous term, and you will need to upgrade at that time.
Who may use the software?
Anyone with a valid email address at your school can use the software including Professors, students, staff, and laboratory technicians. You probably have already assigned email addresses to everyone based on your own criteria for who should get an address at your school. Anyone with such an address would qualify for this site subscription. Some schools offer email addresses to alumni, such as Those are the only people who would be excluded from the site subscription.
Can we install the software in a computer lab?
Absolutely. The person doing the installation must be covered by the site subscription and they can install the software on however many computers they want. That includes computers in a computer lab, or any other computers they have responsibility over.
Can faculty and students install the software at home?
Absolutely. A professor can install the software on a home computer. The software can be installed on home computers and school computers, or on many school computers. The same holds true for students. As long as they are covered by the site subscription at all, which means that they have a valid email address at your school, they can install the software on as many computers as they want.
What happens after a year?
We expect that most schools will renew their license rather than let it expire. If your license expires, you will only lose the ability to create new data and to edit existing data. You will still be able to view any data you had created while under the site subscription.
What if the software is updated before our license expires?
The Annual Site Subscription allows you to use the latest version of the software, regardless of when that version was released. Each user will have to download and install the update, of course, but they are certainly allowed to do so under the terms of the license.
I am experiencing problems with my installation. Who do I contact about this?
For this and all other questions, you should contact Provide as much information about your problem as possible, and it will be answered or directed appropriately.
What other institutions use PerkinElmer Informatics academic site subscriptions?
Many thousands of users get PerkinElmer Informatics products via academic site subscriptions and commercial site subscriptions. Click on our site subscription gallery for a list of all schools and companies using site subscriptions.
When I try to install the software, it keeps trying to get me to enter my email address and information. Why is this and can I get around it?
CambridgeSoft asks for your contact information to contact you about any bug fixes or updates to the software that are released and to report to institutions about the use of their Site Subscription. Some institutions pay extra to eliminate this step for their users, but if you are being asked for your information, your site has not done that. In this case, there is no way to use the software and skip this step. Your data is secure with CambridgeSoft, and will remain private. Please see our website at to review our privacy policy.