CAL Script-Only Commands

Script-only commands are useful only in script files, not interactive CAL.

An asterisk (*) is used to mark a line as a comment and not a command that should be executed. For example, *text.

Command Description
GOTO label
A mechanism for jumping backwards in a script. A label may be any text string starting or ending with a colon. It must appear prior to any GOTO that references it
IF v1 op v2 stmt A standard conditional statement. It compares two values according to an operator, and then executes its final statement if the result is true. Valid operators are:  =, <>, <, >.
LOOP [count] Begins a section of code that will execute repeatedly, until ENDLOOP is reached. By default, the number of times the code executes is equal to the number of records in the current list, but you can provide a specific count in the LOOP statement.
PAUSE [dseconds] Temporarily stops the script from executing for a specified number of tenths of a second. If no number is given, the duration of the pause is 2 seconds.
EXIT Ends the script immediately.
INTERACTIVE ON / OFF Turns interactive mode on or off.
STEP ON / OFF Toggles single-step (debugging) mode on and off.


Command Action
start: A label
IF $V1 = "" MSG Empty value! Provide an error message if the variable V1 is empty
PAUSE 100 Pause 10 seconds
GOTO start Go to specified label
LOOP 10 Begin loop to repeat ten times
PAUSE Pause the default time: 2 seconds
ENDLOOP Return to LOOP statement until done

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