CAL General Commands

Command Description
MSG message Displays a message box with the specified text, and waits for the user to click OK.
TIMEDMSG [n] <msg>W Displays a message box similar to the MSG command, but the message disappears automatically after a specified number of seconds. For example: TIMEDMSG 10 "This message will disappear automatically after 10 seconds."
FONT fontname [size [style r g b]] Changes the current font. Any boxes created subsequently adopt this font. Follow the keyword with a name from your Windows font list, followed optionally by (a) font size in points (default is 8); (b) style from the list below (default is 0, or plain text); (c) color, as three values for red, green, blue, each ranging from 0 to 255 (default is 0,0,0, or black).

Font styles are sums of bold (1), italic (2), and underline (4). Thus a style value of 1 means bold, 3 means bold+italic, 6 means italic+underline, and so on.

SEEPTAB [decisecs] Briefly displays the periodic table window, then closes it. The window will be displayed for the amount of time specified (1 decisecond = 0.1 second). If the duration is omitted, it will be displayed for four seconds.
QUIETCLOSE Closes the active form. This command is similar to FILE CLOSE, but automatically discards any changes instead of prompting the user what to do.
HIDETABLE Closes the Table View window for the current form. If a subform is active, it returns the subform to form view.
SET Allows you to modify ChemFinder 's basic settings, including most of those found in the Preferences dialog and several that cannot be accessed in any other way. See the online help for a complete listing of parameters that can be SET.
CLEAN Will attempt to standardize the bond lengths and angles of the current molecule. It is the same as opening the molecule in ChemDraw, and selecting the Clean Up Structure command.
HELP Displays a list of all valid CAL commands. The valid parameter types are listed for each command, as is a brief description.
GET [v] sectionnumber, itemnumber Retrieves a value from the ChemFinder.ini file. Follow the keyword with a variable name and the section and item number of the value you want to retrieve.
SOUND filename.wav Plays a .wav file you specify.
SYSMETRIC [v] index Rretrieves the specified system metric into a variable.


Command Action
MSG "Click OK to continue..." Display message, wait for click.
FONT Times 12 1 255 0 0 Change font to red 12-point Times bold.
GET V1,4,5 Place the value of item number 5 in section 4 into the variable V1.
SOUND beep.wav Play the sound in the files beep.wav.

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