CAL Database Commands


Command  Definition
OPENDB [R / R / RE] dbname
Opens a standard molecule database. Specify a pathname to the .mdb file, or a name from the ODBC Data sources list. You can specify the mode of database opening:
  • R--read-only

  • E--exclusive
  • RE--read-only and exclusive
CRETABLE tablename Creates tables in the current database.
DELTABLE tablename Deletes tables in the current database.
SELTABLE tablename Selects a table form the current database and makes it the current working table for subsequent field actions.
CREFIELD fieldname Creates fields in the current table in the current database. You can specify the field type and width in the CREFIELD command. The default text field is 50 characters wide.
DELFIELD fieldname Celetes fields in the current table in the current database.
SORT [D] fieldname Sorts the database contents on the specified field. The default sorts the database in ascending order. You can specify descending order with D.


Command Action
CRETABLE MyTable Creates a new table
DELTABLE MyTable Deletes a new table

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