Value Property

Applies To:

Recordset object


The value stored in a given field of the current record.


VARIANT Recordset.Value ( VARIANT index )
VARIANT Recordset ( VARIANT index )

   may be an integer, string, or a Field object. The string is the name of the Field.


Value is the default member of Recordset; thus you may use the index as an argument without explicitly including the Value property.


This Visual Basic example shows the Value property returning data from the second field of a current record in the RecSet Recordset.

Dim DataObject As Object 'Object of proper type
Dim Datum As Variant      'Non-object data
Dim RecSet As Object      'Recordset object

'In case value is a structure, the object must be set
If (FinderDoc.Fields(2).Type = kCFStructure) Then
    Set DataObject = RecSet.Value(2) 'Get data
    Datum = RecSet.Value(2) 'otherwise value is assigned
End If

'Code to create DataObject has been omitted.

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