Read Method

Applies To:

Molecule object


Reads data into a molecule from a specified file.


Molecule.Read ( BSTR/String filename )
filename  path and name of source file


The method reads the following file types:
MDL Molfile (*.mol)
ChemDraw (*.cdx)
ChemDraw 3.5 (*.chm)
MDL Sketch (*.skc)
MDL Graphic (*.tgf)
SMD 4.2 file (*.smd)
Conn. Table (*.ct)
MSI Molfile (*.msm)
Questel F1 (*.f1d)
Questel F1Q (*.f1q)
MDL Rxn (*.rxn)

NOTE: To read any file other than MOL, you must have ChemDraw installed on your system.


The following Visual Basic code reads Test.cdx into the Molecule object CurrentMolecule.

Dim CurrentMolecule As Object 'Molecule object
Dim Path As String            'File path

'Set path
Path = "D:\Program Files\ChemOffice\ChemFinder\Test.cdx"
'Create Molecule Object variable
Set CurrentMolecule = CreateObject("ChemFinder.Molecule")

CurrentMolecule.Read Path 'Read molecule data into object

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