Copy Method

Applies To:

Molecule object


Copies a Molecule object to the Clipboard.


Molecule.Copy ( short/Integer width, short/Integer height, long options, short/Integer angstromsWidth )
width width of the resulting metafile in units of 0.01 mm.
height                    height of the resulting metafile in units of 0.01 mm.
options mode of copying
angstromsWidth gives the total number of Ångstroms corresponding to width. For example, settings of width = 6000 and angstromsWidth = 20  would specify a metafile 60 mm wide containing a molecule scaled such that 20 Ångstroms would fit within that space.


Copies in four formats: Windows Metafile, Enhanced Metafile, MDL SKC, and MDL MolFile.
      Default = 0
      kCFFixedScale = 1
      kCFUseCFWMetafile = 2
     Combination of 1 and 2 above = 3

Scaling the copy is possible only with the kCFUseCFWMetafile option. Method requires all arguments, even when not scaling the copy. Dummy arguments are not allowed.


The following Visual Basic code copies the current molecule to the Clipboard using the default option.
Dim CurrentMolecule As Object  'Molecule object

'Copy molecule to 'clipboard
CurrentMolecule.Copy 600, 600, 0, 20 

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