Color Legend (from CF 6.1)

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27 August 2001 -heh

The Color Legend is a small, multi-line block of text describing what the colors in the structure mean (Fig. 1),  It is situated wherever there is room for it, with preference to the bottom left corner.  Each line begins with a rectangle in the color of the feature.   After is a brief textual description of the feature.  The following features are color-coded and listed in the Color Legend.  Some of their colors are configurable from the Preferences dialog.

For the last category, there is a distinct color and Legend entry for each different type of atom and bond.  The possible types are:



<E Cl,Br> Element list (same as ChemDraw's anonymous list)
<R 2-3> Number of rings to which atom belongs
<Unsat = Arom> Atom's hybridization (aromatic, saturated, unsaturated)
<Impl_H = 2-3> Number of hydrogens on atom, not including explicitly drawn hydrogens.
<#Sub = 3-4> Number of non-hydrogen substituents on atom.
{1,2} Bond order is simple or double.  Special bond symbols are:  W=wild (any); #=triple; @=quadruple; D=delocalized/aromatic; > = dative
<Ring> Bond's topology (ring or chain)

More information on these query features can be found in the ChemDraw and ChemFinder manuals.

Figure 1.   Color Legend