7.0.2 Bug List, 18 Mar 02

Changes in 7.0.2



Description In 8? Status Notes
1   Allow outside callers to provide own ptable file.  Fix was made by Harold for Paul's work on CAMEO.  Affects CDExcel.   FC  
2 26630
Do not check for DAO version (3.5 vs 3.6) at program startup; instead, wait until database is opened or created ("database is created in Access 97 format").   FC  
3   Create doc templates in different order, so files with any extension can be opened.  Needed by eCatalog group so they can change extensions on CFW7 Net-only files.   FC  
4 27488 Do not allow selection rect to select boxes except on front tab.  Actually, this was in 7.0.1. (Harold)   FC  
5   Do not insist on opening database workspace as user "Admin" --- fail quietly if cannot open.  Fixes e-catalog bug for Barbara.  (No bug number.) (Harold)   FC  
6   Use USER_TABLES instead of ALL_TABLES for Oracle databases (speeds up Attach and other processes).   FC 1
7   Add capability to put selected structure formats on Clipboard.  Done for Paul/Cameo.  Committed 2/4/02 (iolib\molecule.cpp).  Which formats are placed on clipboard dictated by bitmask, default to -1 (all).  Paul skips CDX, thus avoiding launching ChemDraw.   FC  
8 28132 Speed problem with subforms attached to Oracle tables...so far unreproducible.   IP 1
9 28035 When Launching a *.cfview file ChemFinder generates a blank form.  Fixed in the installer, by changing "DDE" to "dde" in the open instructions.   FC  
10 28094 Creates Product worksheet but not the products.  Committed (cc_enum.cpp). (Harold).   FC  
11 28194 Handle triply cyclic R-groups (Harold)  Committed (cc_enum.cpp)   FC  
12 28260 Single-atom molecules don't appear in ChemDraw.. (Harold) Committed: cc_graph.cpp.   FC  
13 28135 Searching problem over VARCHAR2000 field (attached Oracle table). Fixed 3/13, by modifying Jonathan's scheme for memo field searching.  For info see see experiments., step #27.   FC 3/13 1
14 28136 Searching for exact text string (attached Oracle table) -- needs same fix as CSBR-28135; that fix has been made only for memo fields   IP 1
15 28137 Mechanism for setting linking fields between main form and subform.  See New scheme for setting up subform links in ChemFinder 7.0.2   FC  
16 27030 SD file import fails on certain structures with nicknames (aliases).  Committed (cc_molecule.cpp). (Harold)   FC  
17   Maybe: Make memory-mapped files available in MolServer for David G. (Harold)   NO  
18 28193 Newly created Oracle table cannot be attached for updating.  It was necessary to fix this in order to work on CSBR-28135.   FC 1
19 28196 Add option to form suppressing MST upgrade dialog. (Harold) Committed: form.cpp/.h; cfw.rc/resource.h; bp_boxPage.cpp/.h.   FC  
20 28254 ChemFinder 7.0.2 asks for registration info --- for related info, see fixes in version scheme.   FC 3/18  
21 28271 Access violation on adding structure field to .mdb file   FC 3/18  
22   ... more coming      

FC = fix committed
IP = in progress
NO = not being done for 7.0.2


  1. For more info on items having to do with attached Oracle tables, see Jim's travails and experiments.