Status of Dominick's Requests
3 May 02

Updated 15 May 02

Links in the Bugs column point to the original text from Dominick.  Thanks to Wendy for entering all these in the bug database.  Those in the "General Features" part are marked Area = SUGG. 

No CSBR Bugs Target Status
1 28916

Data Table view: only shows data from subforms on the first tab.

7.0.3 Fix committed 5/3/02 in CGridView::GatherFieldInfo
1 29000

Data Table view: whether or not to include subform data on the table should be independent of the data export preference.

7.0.3 Fix committed 5/4/02.  New checkbox in Subform Props; see doc
2 28917

Data Table:  fields appear multiple times in the table even though they are on the form only once.

7.0.3 Fix committed 5/3/02 in CForm::DoViewDatatable
3 28918

Data Table:  It is quite common for column headings to get mixed up.

7.0.3 same fix as 28926
4 28919

SD File export:  When exporting an SD file and including data from the subforms, the data source is incorrect.

7.0.3 Fix committed 5/3/02 in CForm::WriteSDF
5 28920

Moving Objects:  It is common for objects to move on the form.

8 trouble reproducing
6 28921

Data Table:  When you have a subform on a subform, the data table attempts to include fields from the lowest level subform.

8 needs a suitable setup; seems esoteric and deferrable
7 28922

Disappearing fields on the subform

8 hard problem with table view scrollbars, no doubt; deferrable

General Features

1 28923

The most glaring omission  is the inability of ChemFinder to place the name of the field on the form when you put a field on the form.

7.0.3 Fixed 5/3/02; see doc.  Further work suggested by testers is deferred to 8.
2 28924

The second most glaring omission  is the inability to change the font and its styles for multiple selections of text blocks.

7.0.3 Fixed 5/3/02 with a sizeable chunk of new code.  See doc 
3 28925

Background color for a main form, I want to be able to set each tab separately.

8 defer
4 28926

Different way to set the order in which fields get displayed in the data tables.  (Actually the bug is that the order is not saved in the formfile.)

7.0.3 Fixed; required formfile version upgrade
5 28927

Search over current list:  The problem is not knowing how you have it set..

8 That item on the menu is already a checkmarked one, it just shows the icon instead of a checkmark.  Possible workaround: change the toolbar button to text instead of image.  Deferred.
6 28928

Molecular Formula and Weight:  Just because you can calculate these on the fly does not mean you should always do so.

8 a big issue, deferrable
7 28929

CAL scripting When you try to script a menu selection, you cannot select an item from a hierarchical menu.

7.0.3 This works now as long as multi-word menu items are quoted.  A note was added to CAL help.  Marked Y:Not a bug.
8 28930

Wizards:  Get away from the concept that every form someone is building will contain structures.

8 will revamp Wizard in CF 8
9 28931

ODBC:  When you show Oracle tables after the user opens an ODBC connection, you MUST show the schema name and not just the table name.

8 This may have gone away with the fix for CSBR-28362; we now show only the user tables, not all
10 28932

ODBC again:  Stop ChemFinder from “counting records” in each data source

7.0.3 Fix was made in 7.0.3.  Retesting is not complete, since we have no db which shows the problem.
11 28933

Subform top border:  Cannot move the text as close to the subform as I would like.

8 defer
12 28934

Column Headings:  Use my own column headings on the data table, particularly on the subform.

8 defer
13 28935

When exporting text files  be able to include data from subforms

8 defer


gone or marked retest
fixed but not ready to retest
in progress
defer to version 8

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