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last updated 15 May 02

Glance at installation instructions before downloading.

ChemFinder 7.0.3 is a bug-fix release following 7.0.1.  For a while it was called 7.0.2, but there was a version of ChemFinder Net delivered to the eCatalog group with that number, so we advanced a digit.  This release will fix several emergency problems, some from Avalon, some from Array, some from Neogenesis, some from the eCatalog group.

Work on 7.0.1 ended around the middle of January 2002; below are changes made to the CFW70 project since then.  Most items are recorded in the bug database, with bug numbers as shown.

Status Apr 16: ChemFinder 7.0.3 close to ready, but there are still a few bugs in development, and we're keeping the code base open for further fixes until E-Notebook 7.0.3 is delivered.

Status May 15: Finished and frozen.  Changes are being merged into the CF8 code base.

7.0.3 Installation and Testing Instructions

To test ChemFinder 7.0.3:

  1. Install a full 7.0.1.  Click to download ChemOffice Ultra 7.0.1 setup.exe (64.4MB).  This is the official released version on shares\installers.
  2. Use the download link at the top of the page to get ChemFinder 7.0.3.  I suggest you download it into your ChemOffice2002\ChemFinder folder and call it something like cfw_703.exe.  
  3. You can now test ChemFinder 7.0.3 by running this new exe, without affecting your 7.0.1 installation.

To test Combi:

  1. Rename files so that the new exe becomes cfw.exe, replacing the old version.  This is necessary because you already have Registry entries pointing to it.  You can rename the files back later to restore your 7.0.1 setup.
  2. Run ChemDraw for Excel as usual.

Simply replacing cfw.exe is adequate to upgrade Combi.  Other components (xla's, dll's) do not need to be upgraded; they get Combi capabilities by calling cfw.exe via Automation.

To test MolServer 7.0.3:

  1. Use the download link at the top of the page to get MolServer 7.0.3.  
  2. Replace your existing molserver.dll (ChemOffice2002\Common\DLLs) with the new version. (You can do this by file renaming, then you can undo it later.)
  3. How do you test MolServer anyway?  

To test Oracle:

  1. Set up a connection to Elvis or other server using Net8 Assistant.
  2. Set up an ODBC driver for this connection.
  3. Create a local database and use Attach Table to connect to Oracle tables.

7.0.3 Bug List

See bug database for additional info and testing instructions.  See also Oracle Attached Table Problems.  See also Dominick's Bugs (many fixed for 7.0.3).

Last updated 4/23/02


Description Who
28134 check box on Convert/Leave in 5.0 format dial box doesn't work  Fix committed but found not fixed.  But we've done all that's possible -heh. heh
28364 Cannot run combi enumeration with CFW 7.0.2. This bug is critical -- prevents Combi from working.  Fixed in 7.0.3d460 jdd
26630 Canít open file by double-clicking (NT system).  Fix: do not check for DAO version (3.5 vs 3.6) at program startup; instead, wait until database is opened. jen
28117 Database is created in Access 97 format.  Fix: check for DAO version when database is created.  This bug is critical for Array. jdd
28360 Canít open file without .cfw extension.  Needed by eCatalog group to give different extensions to CFW7 Net-only files.  Initial fix: create doc templates in different order -- BAD IDEA!  See note 3.  Better fix: add only one doc template to app's list.  Fixed in 7.0.3d461 jdd
28361 Do not insist on opening database workspace as user "Admin" --- fail quietly if cannot open.  Fixes e-catalog bug for Barbara.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d461 heh
28362 Show USER_TABLES instead of ALL_TABLES for Oracle databases to speed up Attach Table and other processes. jdd
28363 Add capability to put selected structure formats on Clipboard.  Done for Paul/Cameo.  Committed 2/4/02 (iolib\molecule.cpp).  Which formats are placed on clipboard dictated by bitmask, default to -1 (all).  Paul skips CDX, thus avoiding launching ChemDraw. heh
28035 When Launching a *.cfview file ChemFinder generates a blank form.  Fixed in the installer, by changing "DDE" to "dde" in the open instructions. bef
28137 Mechanism for setting linking fields between main form and subform.  See New scheme for setting up subform links in ChemFinder 7.0.2 jdd
28196 Add option to form suppressing MST upgrade dialog. Committed: form.cpp/.h; cfw.rc/resource.h; bp_boxPage.cpp/.h. heh
28254 ChemFinder 7.0.2 asks for registration info. jdd
28271 Access violation on adding structure field to .mdb file. jdd
27634 ChemFinder version resource should contain level and version number.  Splash screen and about box do not show build number; copyright notices show 2001.  For details, see fixes in version schemeFixed in 7.0.3d460-1 jdd
28240, 28241 Substructure searching bug in Finder, not returning correct hits.  Bug fixed by Harold -- anonymous alternative groups foul up aromaticity perception. Fix committed 4/2/02.  Marked fixed in 7.0.3d463. heh
28094 Creates Product worksheet but not the products.  Committed (cc_enum.cpp). This bug is critical for Neogenesis.  Fixed in 7.0.3d460 heh
28194 Handle triply cyclic R-groups.  Committed (cc_enum.cpp)  Fixed in 7.0.3d458 heh
28260 Single-atom molecules don't appear in ChemDraw.  Committed: cc_graph.cpp.  Fixed in 7.0.3d466.  Related bugs turned up in retesting, but will not be fixed for 7.0.3. heh
27030 SD file import fails on certain structures with nicknames (aliases).  Committed (cc_molecule.cpp).  Fixed in 7.0.3d458 heh
  Allow outside callers to provide own ptable file.  Fix was made by Harold for Paul's work on CAMEO.  Affects CDExcel. heh
28476 Printing does not include subforms. This bug is critical for Avalon.  The problem is that rich text boxes in subforms do not print.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d465. jen
28133 Print defaults to all records, which may be way more than wanted. This bug is critical for Avalon.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d461 jdd
28135 Searching problem over VARCHAR2000 field (attached Oracle table). Fixed 3/13, by modifying Jonathan's scheme for memo field searching.  This bug is critical for Avalon.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d460, but there may be more than one bug here -- see bug report.  See new text searching rules. jdd
28136 Searching for exact text string (attached Oracle table) -- needs same fix as CSBR-28135; that fix has been made only for memo fields. This bug is critical for Avalon.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d460, but there may be more than one bug here -- see bug report.  See new text searching rules. jdd
28132 Speed problem with subforms attached to Oracle tables.  This has to do with text searching; related to 28135 and 28136.  Fix committed in 7.0.3d462 marked Retest 4/5.  Fix is to allow "=" in memo search. jdd
28478 Need a way to debug ChemFinder's SQL strings.  Fix committed in 7.0.3d462, marked Retest 4/5. jdd
28480 ChemReg does not calculate bracket information properly (COWS bug).  This will be "fixed" by having MolServer throw an exception when structures have brackets, allowing COWS to avoid attempting to process them.  Fix backed out 4/5/02.  Not needed for upcoming COWS release, bug rescheduled to ChemOffice 8. heh
28488 MolServer cannot create mst file.  The problem was that a recent change caused it to fail if the file did not already exist.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d463. jdd
28193 Newly created Oracle table cannot be attached for updating.  It was necessary to fix this in order to work on CSBR-28135.  Crash discovered in retest.  Fix committed 4/9/02.  Fixed in 7.0.3d468. jdd
28521, 28577 Problem attaching Oracle tables.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d465. jdd
28584, 28592,
ChemFinder freezes on attempt to print the main form after printing subforms table .  Marked retest in 7.0.3d466. jdd
28686 Reaction parsing: if ChemDraw parses one-step reaction, use its results instead of using ChemFinder perception.  See also ChemDraw bug CSBR-23355, and 7.0.3 reaction parsing documentation. Marked retest in 7.0.3d470 jdd
28388 Cannot import SD File with commas used as decimals.  Marked retest in 7.0.3d466, but not retested in development.  Retested and found not fixed; reassigned to Harold.  P.S. Marked R:etest. heh
28656 ChemFinder getting hits that seem wrong (different to 5.1) heh
28749 Don't display the Color Legend (by default) [globals.cpp/.h; fcontrol.cpp] heh
28323 SD: import merge skip not working [sdengine.cpp] heh
28753 Display percentage complete during a structure search rather than # mol_id's examined. [query.cpp; moldb.cpp/.h; dbstat.cpp/.h] heh
28467 Reaction doesn't read into ChemFinder properly. [cc_normalize.cpp] heh
  Excel crashes on opening CD Excel sheet of wrong version.  This bug is critical for Array.  Fixed by Stew. jen, mcr
28779 Release-stopping SDFile bug from Swartz heh
28780 Can't use ChemDraw's rxn layout if its atom count differs from ChemFinder's heh
28886 Input via RXN files: In long reactions, arrows instead of pluses were being inserted between components. [Committed 4/26: iolib\reaction.cpp] heh
28911 Reactions not parsed correctly. [Committed 4/30: cc\cc_rxnLayout.h, cc_reaction.cpp, common\CdxToCcMolecule.cpp] heh
28913 Combi: Two R's may be adjacent if this is in a product. [Committed 4/29: cc\cc_rxnGenericcpp] heh
28941 Pasting into ChemFinder loses CDX if CFW format is available. [Committed 4/30: iolib\molecule.cpp] heh
28669 H2 in CFW displays as HH in ChemDraw.  [Fix committed to CdxToCcMolecule.cpp.]  Marked retest in 7.0.3d470.  Fix committed but found not fixed. heh
28668 Some structures not showing in ChemDraw Style. [Committed 4/30: fcontrol.cpp] heh


gone or marked retest
fixed but not ready to retest
in progress

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