Find List

13 Feb 01

Cfw.exe version 7.0d199

By popular demand, we've included a feature in ChemFinder 7 to simplify retrieving groups of structures by ID.  The new command is Find List in the Search menu.  This command allows you to type or paste a list of ID's, and ChemFinder will retrieve them.  You are not restricted to numeric ID's --- you can search for values from any column of the current table.

To use Find List:

  1. Open a form.

  2. Choose Find List from menu or toolbar.  This brings up the Find List dialog.

  1. In the Column combo box, choose the column to be searched.  The default choice is Mol_ID, or whatever you last selected.

  1. In the text box, type a series of values separated by commas, or on separate lines, or both.  (To input a new line, press Ctl-Enter.)

Instead of typing, you may paste values from the Clipboard.  For example, you may go to Excel, copy the contents of a column, then return and paste it into the Find List box.  (To paste, press Ctl-V.)

Note 1: if the column you are searching is of integer type, then you can include hyphens to indicate ranges, as shown in the example above.  This will not work for real numbers or text columns.

Note 2:  if the column you are searching is of text type, you must put single or double quotes around any item which contains commas, as shown below.  This is a temporary inconvenience we hope to eliminate soon.

  1. Click OK to retrieve the list, or Cancel to abort the search.  If the search is successful, the retrieved list becomes the current hitlist.  If not, you are given an alert, and the current list is not changed.

Note:  After a Find List operation, you may use Restore Previous List from the Search menu to return to the previous list.