R-Group Analysis for Excel


Updated Search Query dialog

Two things have been added:


After one query with R-Group Analysis

As with other queries, only the hit rows are visible.

New columns are inserted for each R group to the right of the MATCH column.  A new row is added underneath the one with the column headings; the template is placed in this row in the first of the inserted R columns.

The structures for the R groups are placed in the respective columns of the respective row of each hit.  If the file(s) radical*.mst are present in the ChemFinder\system directory, the R groups will be named according to their structure; otherwise, they will be named generically as R1, R2, etc.

Pictures for R groups will not be automatically displayed (for performance reasons).  The picture for the template structure will automatically be displayed; this, along with the (ideally) informative R group names seems like the most efficient way to convey the most information.


After two queries with R-Group Analysis

As with other queries, new results are added to the left of previous ones.

The hits for the latest search are shown.