New Toolbars in ChemFinder 7

Jim Dill, 11 Nov 00

Cfw.exe version 7.0136

ChemFinder 7 incorporates the same third-party toolbar / menu package which was introduced in ChemFinder for Word.  The code is from Business Components Gallery (BCG).  New features visible in ChemFinder include the list below.  There are other features available which we would like to use, if time permits (see loose ends below).

This feature makes ChemFinder 7 more like Microsoft Office 2000 applications, and permits greater customizability.  The scheme is so similar to MS Office 2000 that we probably don't need to document it in detail.

BCG Features Visible in ChemFinder 7

[Copied from the BCG site features page]


  • Docking Microsoft® Office-style menu bars with images
  • Microsoft® Office 2000 menus (with recently used menu items)
  • Menu animations: unfold, slide and fade
  • Menu shadows
  • Menu Tooltips
  • Scrollable menus
  • "Owner-draw" menu images
  • Change menu font in run-time
  • MRU and Windows list support
  • Left-side owner-draw logo
  • Microsoft® Office-like "tear-off" ("detachable") menus



  • Drag/drop buttons between toolbars and menus
  • User-defined images editing (simple bitmap editor is included!)
  • Creating in the run-time user-defined toolbars
  • Context menus customization
  • Auto-build customization categories from the menu resources
  • "Alt+drag" (fast) customization
  • Mouse events customization
  • Keyboard customization
  • Full save/restore toolbar and menu states in the registry
  • Workspace manager
  • Create a new menus in the run-time
  • User-defined tools



Loose Ends and Bugs

It may be necessary to delete this folder as new versions of ChemFinder are installed.  Note that all the ChemFinder settings are now in the Registry --- CFW.ini is no longer used.

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