CS ChemFinder SDK

Welcome to the CS ChemFinder SDK Home Page, where you'll find documentation and sample code for the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) included in ChemFinder, as well as technical documentation on ChemFinder features and other subjects. 

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APIs available:

Automation Programmatically control ChemFinder from any script or application written in a language that supports Microsoft's Component Object Model. 
Menu Extensions Add features to ChemFinder with a custom menu.
CAL Control ChemFinder operations by using ChemFinder's built-in scripting language. Use ChemFinder's searching capabilities in your application.
AppleEvents Develop scripts to use Apple Events to send information between applications.
MolServer Chemical engine COM object, for retrieving, storing, searching, copying structures

Past ChemFinder Feature Lists with detailed documentation:

ChemFinder Documentation (pdf files):

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