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BioViz is a set of features introduced in ChemFinder 9.0 for plotting and visualizing numeric data.  Many of these features are improved in 9.0.1, and will continue to improve in later versions.

For an overview of what BioViz is about, see the ChemBioNews Article in CBN issue 14.2.

To see BioViz in action and learn how to use it, try the BioViz Demo Kit.  The kit includes sample ChemFinder forms and plots, documentation, and a little installer which copies files to your hard drive and launches the application.

To download, install, and launch the BioViz Demo Kit, click here.  Choose Run when prompted.  Dismiss alerts about the lack of a digital signature.  The installer will begin by checking to make sure you have a valid version of ChemFinder.

For additional BioViz insight, see the BioViz Tutorial, an older but still useful document.


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