BioViz Demo Kit
BVDK version 1.03, 15 Jan 05


The BioViz Demo Kit is a little ChemFinder application to show and teach you how to use the features of BioViz.  It consists of a set of sample files -- ChemFinder forms with embedded scripts and plots, plus a small biological database -- an installer to copy the files to your hard drive if you choose, and comprehensive links to BioViz documentation. 

The samples show various methods and styles of plotting data with BioViz.  Each sample is accompanied by a panel of notes and suggestions describing how to try your own variations.  Part demo, part tutorial, the Kit provides materials and tips to help you learn by experimenting.


The BioViz Demo Kit requires ChemFinder 9.0 or above.  If you have 9.0, we highly recommend you upgrade to 9.0.1.  In fact, we recommend that no matter what version you have.

If you are installing from CD, a complete ChemOffice Ultra 9.0.1 installer is included.  Instructions for upgrading are given below.

Installing from CD-ROM

Insert the CD.  Setup.exe automatically starts and bring up the BVDK Installer:



We recommend you click Install and Run to copy the files from the CD to your hard drive, then automatically start ChemFinder and begin the demo.  Installing the files is harmless, and once you've done it you can pass the CD along to someone else.

If you prefer not to copy anything to your drive, click Run Demo From CD; this will start ChemFinder and open the demo files directly from the CD.

Sample files are installed in a new BioVizDemo folder under your ChemFinder\Samples directory.  The installer also puts a BioViz Demo item on your Scripts menu.

Installing From the Web

The BioViz Demo Kit files can be downloaded and installed directly from the ChemFinder SDK site.  If you have ChemFinder 9.0 or 9.0.1, then you are a few clicks away from running this demo in it.  Here is the first click:

Click to download and install BVDK 1.03 (14 Jan 05)

For the next click, choose Run.  Subsequent clicks approve the download.  If approved, files are installed as described above and ChemFinder starts automatically.

Upgrading to ChemOffice 9.0.1

If you're installing from CD, the ChemOffice Ultra 9.0.1 installer is included.  To run it:

  1. Close the BVDK Installer by clicking the close box.
  2. Start Windows Explorer.  Navigate to the COU901 folder on the CD.
  3. Double-click the setup program, called something like setup_901d555.exe.

If you are not upgrading from 9.0, you will need to obtain an activation code in order to run ChemOffice 9.0.1; contact for information.

Using the Demo

The Demo Kit main form has three buttons, which simply take you to different tabs of the form:



Click Sample Plots to bring up a panel of buttons leading to the eight samples (shown below).  Click Tutorial to go to a blank page with some instruction for creating your own plot.  Click Resources to get a set of buttons leading to BioViz documentation.


For More Information

See the BioViz Home Page at

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