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ChemDraw Menu Extensions Interface:  Functions to Implement


Given an index into the submenu items and a ChemDraw document, returns the display state of the submenu item.


long WINAPI GetSubmenuItemState( long submenuID,
                                                              long documentToken,
                                                              SubmenuItemState *state

submenuID zero-based index into the submenu items   
documentToken ChemDraw document identifier token
state display flags

Returns a long indicating success (0) or failure (!0) of the function.


The SubmenuItemState controls the appearance of each submenu item. States can be OR'ed for a combination of effects:
  • kSubmenuDisabled
  • kSubmenuEnabled
  • kSubmenuChecked

This function must have ordinal number 19 in the Export Definition File.
If an error is returned, ChemDraw may call GetErrorString for a string explaining the error.


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