PIPE Command

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ChemDraw (all topics)

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This command is used to translate between file formats.


PIPE  < source[=param] > destination[=param][,dest...]
=param an optional parameter
source, destination a (comma-delimited list of) media


The source and destination parameters can have the following possible values:
  • FILE_SMILES a filename, receiving/containing a
    SMILES string. Not yet implemented
  • FILE a filename whose extension implies its format
  • DOCUMENT If used for the source, the frontmost
    open document. If the destination, a new document
    is opened.
  • TEXT_SMILES (source only) A SMILES string
    must be provided in the parameter
  • CLIP_SMILES SMILES string on the clipboard
  • CLIP_BINARY Format other than SMILES on the

Some media, viz. FILE, FILE_SMILES and TEXT_SMILES, require a parameter. The parameter follows the medium keyword, separated from it by an
equals sign ("="). The default medium is FILE, and "FILE=" may be omitted.

If a filename or parameter contains a space or other special character, enclose it in quotation marks. If it is an argument, the medium should be included within the quotes, e.g.

PIPE < “FILE=my File.chm” > DOCUMENT


PIPE < FILE=myFile.chm > FILE=myFile.skc

PIPE < myFile.mol > DOCUMENT (same as OPEN myFile.mol)

PIPE < TEXT_SMILES=N[C@H](C)C(=O)O > C:\myfile.eps

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