ChemDraw DDE Commands

Commands are not case-sensitive.
Command Command Type* Available To Topic
OPEN Execute all topics
ACTIVATE Execute all topics
EDIT Execute/Advise Loop all topics
PIPE Execute/Request depend all topics
CLEAN Request all topics
FROM_SMILES Execute all topics
TRANSCRIBE Execute all topics
FLUSH Execute all topics
SPARE_TEMP Execute all topics (debugging)
none Execute DLL
CHANGED Advise Loop ("warm") all topics
none Connect all topics
none Disconnect all topics

*Either the Execute or Request command type may be used for any entry labeled "Execute". Request mode must be used for those commands labeled "Request". The Request method allows ChemDraw to complete the DDE command before it ends, and is therefore necessary for commands that produce output (viz. PIPE, CLEAN and MAKE_METAFILE). The Request format also allows an error message to be passed back to the client, and is therefore the recommended approach. Apart from these considerations the Execute format is simpler to use, and the programmer may choose whichever is more convenient.

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