face Property

CDXML Name:face
Data Size:UINT16
Property of objects:s
First written/read in:ChemDraw 4.0


The display style of a font.

This property is used only in CDXML files. In CDX files, font information is stored as part of the Font Style data type.

Note that the Subscript, Superscript, and Formula styles are mutually exclusive, but may be freely combined with the other types. The Outline and Shadow types are only useful on Macintosh computers.

This is a bit-encoded property. The values shown in the following list may be combined:
Value CDXML Name Description
0x00 0x00 Plain
0x01 0x01 Bold
0x02 0x02 Italic
0x04 0x04 Underline
0x08 0x08 Outline
0x10 0x10 Shadow
0x20 0x20 Subscript
0x40 0x40 Superscript
0x60 0x60 Formula (style in which subscript or superscript style is selected appropriately depending on the formula label)

If this property is absent:

The face will be treated as Plain.


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