ObjectTag_Type Property

CDXML Name:TagType
CDX Constant Name:kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Type
CDX Constant Value:0x0D00
Data Size:INT16
Property of objects:kCDXObj_ObjectTag
First written/read in:ChemDraw 6.0


The tag's data type.

The value of this property determines how the kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Value property of the Object Tag should be interpreted.

This is an enumerated property. Acceptible values are shown in the following list:
Value CDXML Name Description
0 Unknown The formatting of the kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Value is unknown. Use of this enum value is strongly discouraged
1 Double The kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Value is stored as FLOAT64
2 Long The kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Value is stored as INT32
3 String The kCDXProp_ObjectTag_Value is stored as unformatted string (a simple sequence of bytes)

If this property is absent:

The tag type is treated as Undefined.


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