CaptionJustification Property

CDXML Name:CaptionJustification
CDX Constant Name:kCDXProp_CaptionJustification
CDX Constant Value:0x080C
Data Size:INT8
Property of objects:kCDXObj_Document, kCDXObj_Text
First written/read in:ChemDraw 7.0


The horizontal justification of a caption (non-atomlabel text object)

This is an enumerated property. Acceptible values are shown in the following list:
Value CDXML Name Description
-1 Right Right justified text
0 Left Left justified text
1 Center Centered text
2 Full Fully justified text
3 Above Text is stacked above
4 Below Text is stacked below
5 Auto Text is automatically positioned
6 Best Text is positioned at creation-type in the alignment that best avoids any associated objects, but that alignment is fixed from that point onward

If this property is absent:

The value from the same property of a containing object will be used. That is, if this property is omitted from an object, but present for the Document, the Document's value will be used. If no value is found at all, ChemDraw will use the value from its last-used Style Sheet. If no information is found in the Style Sheet either, the text is treated as left-justified.


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