Bracket_RepeatCount Property

CDXML Name:RepeatCount
CDX Constant Name:kCDXProp_Bracket_RepeatCount
CDX Constant Value:0x0A28
Data Size:FLOAT64
Property of objects:kCDXObj_BracketedGroup
First written/read in:ChemDraw 7.0 / (not read)


The number of times a multiple-group BracketedGroup is repeated.

The Repeat Count should be a positive number. Non-positive and non-numeric Repeat Counts have no meaning.

Although fractional Repeat Counts are allowed, it is recommended that integral values be used whereever possible for maximum compatibility.

This property is relevent only for objects with a kCDXProp_Bracket_Usage of kCDXBracketUsage_MultipleGroup.

If this property is absent:

The bracketed objects are arbitrarily assumed to repeat twice. Since this guess is strictly arbitrary, it is strongly recommended that this property not be omitted from relevent objects.


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