BackgroundColor Property

CDXML Name:bgcolor
CDX Constant Name:kCDXProp_BackgroundColor
CDX Constant Value:0x0302
Data Size:INT16
Property of objects:kCDXObj_Page, kCDXObj_Node, kCDXObj_Bond, kCDXObj_Graphic, kCDXObj_Curve, kCDXObj_EmbeddedObject, kCDXObj_Table, kCDXObj_NamedAlternativeGroup, kCDXObj_Spectrum, kCDXObj_TLCPlate, kCDXObj_Arrow
First written/read in:(not written/read)


The background color of an object represented as the two-based index into the object's color table.

If this property is absent:

A value of 2 is assumed, that being defined as the default background color in the color table. This property is not read (or written) by ChemDraw, but is defined for future compatibility. There is no consequence to omitting it.


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