Template Grid Object

CDXML Name:templategrid
CDX Constant Name:kCDXObj_TemplateGrid
CDX Constant Value:0x800B
Contained by objects:kCDXObj_Document
First written/read in:ChemDraw 4.0


A TemplateGrid is a thumbnail view of multiple CDX page objects in a grid. If a CDX document object has a TemplateGrid object, then the document has the template grid view associated with it when viewed in ChemDraw. The document must also contain exactly Template_NumRows * Template_NumColumns number of page objects, although some pages might be empty.

Since this object is used only for template documents, it will be encountered only rarely.

All properties within a TemplateGrid object are required. If any property is missing, the file must be considered invalid and should not be displayed.

In versions of ChemDraw prior to 8.0, TemplateGrid objects with IDs other than zero were ignored. Since there is nothing to be gained from a non-zero ID in this case (there will never be more than one TemplateGrid in a document, and no other object will ever reference it), we recommend that an ID of zero always be used.


Value Name CDXML Name Type
0x0202 kCDXProp_2DExtent extent CDXPoint2D
Required for templategrids. The width and height of an object in CDX coordinate units. The precise meaning of this attribute varies depending on the type of object.
0x1000 kCDXProp_Template_PaneHeight PaneHeight CDXCoordinate
Required for templategrids. The height of the viewing window of a template grid.
0x1001 kCDXProp_Template_NumRows NumRows INT16
Required for templategrids. The number of rows of the CDX TemplateGrid object.
0x1002 kCDXProp_Template_NumColumns NumColumns INT16
Required for templategrids. The number of columns of the CDX TemplateGrid object.


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