TLC Spot Object

CDXML Name:tlcspot
CDX Constant Name:kCDXObj_TLCSpot
CDX Constant Value:0x8025
Contained by objects:kCDXObj_TLCLane
First written/read in:ChemDraw 8.0


TLC Lane objects technically have no required properties or objects, but non-zero values for kCDXProp_Height and kCDXProp_Width would probably be helpful.

The kCDXProp_Height, kCDXProp_Width, and kCDXProp_TLC_Tail distances refer to the unrotated reference frame. If the spot's parent TLC Plate is rotated 90°, the Height value will actuall refer to a horizontal distance, and so on.

Spots are displayed as modified ellipsoids. If Height == Width and Tail == 0, then the spot is circular. With Height != Width and Tail == 0, the spot is elliptical. If the Tail value is non-zero, the top half of the spot is drawn as a semiellipse with the height = Height and width = Width, and the bottom half of the spot is draw as a second semiellipse with height = (Height + 2 * Tail) and width = Width.

Value Name CDXML Name
0x8011 kCDXObj_ObjectTag objecttag
Arbitrarily named property, one or more of which can be attached to any ChemDraw object.

Value Name CDXML Name Type
n/a n/a id UINT16
A unique identifier for an object, used when other objects refer to it.
0x0011 kCDXProp_Visible Visible CDXBoolean
The object is visible if non-zero.
0x0812 kCDXProp_Width Width CDXCoordinate
The width of an object in CDX coordinate units, possibly in a rotated or skewed frame.
0x0813 kCDXProp_Height Height CDXCoordinate
The height of an object in CDX coordinate units, possibly in a rotated or skewed frame.
0x0A08 kCDXProp_Curve_Type CurveType INT16
The type of curve object. This is a bit-encoded property.
0x0AB0 kCDXProp_TLC_Rf Rf FLOAT64
The Retention Factor (Rf) of an individual spot.
0x0AB1 kCDXProp_TLC_Tail Tail CDXCoordinate
The length of the "tail" of an individual spot.
0x0AB2 kCDXProp_TLC_ShowRf ShowRf CDXBoolean
Show the spot's Retention Fraction (Rf) value if non-zero..


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