Page Object

CDXML Name:page
CDX Constant Name:kCDXObj_Page
CDX Constant Value:0x8001
Contained by objects:kCDXObj_Document, kCDXObj_Table
First written/read in:ChemDraw 4.0


A Page is used to divide objects into separate drawing spaces. If there is only one drawing space, all the graphical items should be placed in one page object (this is how ChemDraw stores 'multi-page' documents). In most documents, a Page object will correspond to a physical piece of paper when printed.

A Page has no required objects or properties.

Value Name CDXML Name
0x8002 kCDXObj_Group group
A logical collection of objects.
0x8003 kCDXObj_Fragment fragment
A collection of nodes and their connectivity (bonds).
0x8006 kCDXObj_Text t
An arbitrary block of (possibly styled) text.
0x8007 kCDXObj_Graphic graphic
A (generally non-chemical) graphic object such as a line, arc, circle, or rectangle.
0x8017 kCDXObj_BracketedGroup bracketedgroup
A collection of objects surrounded by brackets (or braces or parentheses).
0x8008 kCDXObj_Curve curve
A Bézier curve.
0x8009 kCDXObj_EmbeddedObject embeddedobject
A Macintosh PICT, a Windows Metafile, or a Windows OLE Object.
0x8016 kCDXObj_Table table
A grid-like arrangement of drawing spaces.
0x800A kCDXObj_NamedAlternativeGroup altgroup
A container object holding fragments that represent alternative substituents for a query.
0x800D kCDXObj_ReactionScheme scheme
A description of a single- or multi-step reaction, containing one or more Reaction Steps.
0x800E kCDXObj_ReactionStep step
A description of one step in a reaction. It contains the constituents, conditions, and products.
0x8010 kCDXObj_Spectrum spectrum
An NMR, MS, IR or other sort of spectral plot.
0x8013 kCDXObj_Sequence sequence
One member of an ordered series; the contents of its Text object may change as other objects are added to or removed from the series.
0x8014 kCDXObj_CrossReference crossreference
A link to some Sequence object.
0x8020 kCDXObj_Border border
A collection of information describing one edge of an object.
0x8021 kCDXObj_Geometry geometry
A geometrical relationship between one or more objects.
0x8022 kCDXObj_Constraint constraint
A distance or angle constraint between one or more objects.
0x8023 kCDXObj_TLCPlate tlcplate
A rectangular object representing a Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plate.
0x8015 kCDXObj_Splitter splitter
An object that divides the page into horizontal bands
0x8026 kCDXObj_ChemicalProperty chemicalproperty
A (physical) chemical property associated with a collection of objects, usually atoms and bonds.
0x8027 kCDXObj_Arrow arrow
A line or arc, optionally with arrowheads on one or both ends

Value Name CDXML Name Type
n/a n/a id UINT16
A unique identifier for an object, used when other objects refer to it.
0x0204 kCDXProp_BoundingBox BoundingBox CDXRectangle
The smallest rectangle that encloses the graphical representation of the object.
0x0302 kCDXProp_BackgroundColor bgcolor INT16
The background color of an object represented as the two-based index into the object's color table.
0x080F kCDXProp_WidthPages WidthPages INT16
The width of the document in pages.
0x0810 kCDXProp_HeightPages HeightPages INT16
The height of the document in pages.
0x0811 kCDXProp_DrawingSpaceType DrawingSpace INT8
The type of drawing space used for this document. This is an enumerated property.
0x0812 kCDXProp_Width Width CDXCoordinate
The width of an object in CDX coordinate units, possibly in a rotated or skewed frame.
0x0813 kCDXProp_Height Height CDXCoordinate
The height of an object in CDX coordinate units, possibly in a rotated or skewed frame.
0x0814 kCDXProp_PageOverlap PageOverlap CDXCoordinate
The amount of overlap of pages when a poster is tiled.
0x0815 kCDXProp_Header Header CDXString
The text of the header.
0x0816 kCDXProp_HeaderPosition HeaderPosition CDXCoordinate
The vertical offset of the header baseline from the top of the page.
0x0817 kCDXProp_Footer Footer CDXString
The text of the footer.
0x0818 kCDXProp_FooterPosition FooterPosition CDXCoordinate
The vertical offset of the footer baseline from the bottom of the page.
0x0819 kCDXProp_PrintTrimMarks PrintTrimMarks CDXBooleanImplied
If present, trim marks are to printed in the margins.
0x1FF0 kCDXProp_SplitterPositions SplitterPositions CDXObjectIDArray
An array of vertical positions that subdivide a page into regions.
0x1FF1 kCDXProp_PageDefinition PageDefinition INT8
A description of the type of formatting used by the page, or by the splitter. This is an enumerated property.
0x206 kCDXProp_BoundsInParent BoundsInParent CDXRectangle
The rectangle containing a page in the coordinate space of the containing page.


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