Fragment Object

CDXML Name:fragment
CDX Constant Name:kCDXObj_Fragment
CDX Constant Value:0x8003
Contained by objects:kCDXObj_Page, kCDXObj_Group, kCDXObj_Node, kCDXObj_NamedAlternativeGroup
First written/read in:ChemDraw 4.0


Fragment object is a collection of nodes and their connectivity (bonds). Generally, all nodes within a fragment will be connected, but this is not strictly guaranteed. For example, a cyclopentadienyl anion might be represented as a single fragment containing five nodes, five bonds, a curve (an ellipse, to represent delocalization), and a graphic (a circled minus charge, to represent the delocalized charge).

Unlike with Group objects, Fragment objects are guaranteed to be chemically meaningful.

A Fragment has no required objects or properties, but a Fragment without any objects is pretty useless.

Value Name CDXML Name
0x8004 kCDXObj_Node n
The basic building block of chemical objects, usually referring to a single atom
0x8005 kCDXObj_Bond b
A connection between two Node objects.
0x8007 kCDXObj_Graphic graphic
A (generally non-chemical) graphic object such as a line, arc, circle, or rectangle.
0x8008 kCDXObj_Curve curve
A Bézier curve.
0x8011 kCDXObj_ObjectTag objecttag
Arbitrarily named property, one or more of which can be attached to any ChemDraw object.

Value Name CDXML Name Type
n/a n/a id UINT16
A unique identifier for an object, used when other objects refer to it.
0x0204 kCDXProp_BoundingBox BoundingBox CDXRectangle
The smallest rectangle that encloses the graphical representation of the object.
0x0500 kCDXProp_Mole_Racemic Racemic CDXBoolean
Indicates that the molecule is a racemic mixture.
0x0501 kCDXProp_Mole_Absolute Absolute CDXBoolean
Indicates that the molecule has known absolute configuration.
0x0502 kCDXProp_Mole_Relative Relative CDXBoolean
Indicates that the molecule has known relative stereochemistry, but unknown absolute configuration.
0x0503 kCDXProp_Mole_Formula Formula CDXFormula
The molecular formula representation of a molecule object.
0x0504 kCDXProp_Mole_Weight Weight FLOAT64
The average molecular weight of a molecule object.
0x0505 kCDXProp_Frag_ConnectionOrder ConnectionOrder CDXObjectIDArray
An ordered list of attachment points within a fragment.


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