CDX Font Table Data Type


In CDX files, a the font table is a variable-length struct that consists of:
Bytes Type Contents
0-1 UINT16 A value indicating the originating platform. Currently limited to the values 0x0000 for Macintosh and 0x0001 for Windows.

2-3 UINT16 Style run count: The number of font listings to follow
n... struct For each font listing:
0-1 UINT16 The ID of this font. This must be unique, but need not be sequential
2-3 UINT16 The character set of this font. Acceptible values are shown as part of the discussion of the CDXML charset property
4-5 UINT16 The length of the name of this font
6...n Unformatted The actual name of this font

In CDXML files, this data type is represented by a fonttable object.

CDX: 00 02 00 03 00 E4 04 05   ........
00 41 72 69 61 6C 04 00   .Arial..
E4 04 0F 00 54 69 6D 65   ....Time
73 20 4E 65 77 20 52 6F   s New Ro
6D 61 6E                  man
CDXML: <fonttable>
<font id="3" charset="iso-8859-1" name="Arial"/>
<font id="4" charset="iso-8859-1" name="Times New Roman"/>


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